Ready-to-Wear Hair Replacement Systems for Men

Custom quality hair systems on a ready-to-ship timeline

Here at HairDirect, choosing a ready-to-wear hair replacement system doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the look, feel, or quality of your hair. In fact, every ready-to-wear men’s hair system is created according to the same high-quality design and manufacturing standards used on our custom hair systems. See a ready-to-wear style that’s nearly, but not quite, perfect for you? We can cut, style, and blend your system to fit your preferences before shipping your system straight to your door.

Ready-to-wear systems qualify for the same Standing Order Discount that our custom clients love, so you can have new systems delivered to your door automatically on a schedule that works for you — all while saving money on every order.

To help you decide if ready-to-wear solutions are right for you, we’ll need to learn a bit more about your unique hair loss pattern, density, and preferred color. Get started with our Gather® Personalized Pre-consultation Tool today, and a hair replacement consultant will contact you to guide you towards the best solution for your lifestyle.

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Compare Ready-to-Wear with Custom Hair Systems


Custom Hair Systems

For extensive and permanent hair loss

For extensive and permanent hair loss

Semi-permanent attachment (can sleep, shower, and swim underwater)

Semi-permanent attachment (can sleep, shower, and swim underwater)

Made to stock/common specifications

Custom-made to your specifications



Limited sizes

Custom-fitted to your head, any size

Lace base with poly perimeter

Choice of base type (lace, thin skin, monofilament)

One density available

Choice of densities

6-inch hair length or shorter

Choice of hair length

One wave pattern available

Choice of curl and wave

Limited colors; some with gray blend

Custom hair colors, blends, and highlights

High definition front hairline

High definition front hairline

Oval shape only; no full cap option

Available in all shapes, from small frontals to full caps

Manufacturing is more consistent

Manufacturing can be inconsistent between orders

Additional cost for cut, styling, and blending

Cut, styling, and blending included in cost

1-week turnaround time (longer if having cut, styled, and blended)

8-12 week turnaround time

Available with Standing Order Discount

Available with Standing Order Discount

Prices start at $369

Prices start at $499

To do your own comparison, visit Custom Hair Systems for Men, or contact us.