Our mission

Delivering transformative, personal victory is what we do.
Every day.
For every customer.

Our core values

Every member of our team commits to upholding the following values as we advocate for you throughout your hair loss journey.


Wearing hair can be a lifelong commitment, and we want to be there for you every step of the way—from your initial exploration, to helping you feel confident on your wedding day, to equipping you to take full control of your hair loss.

Listen, Learn, and Lead

We know your hair loss story is unique to you, so our hair replacement experts listen carefully and learn as much as they can about you before guiding you to solutions that fit your lifestyle.


We’ve compiled the industry’s largest educational resource to put the power over your hair loss back in your hands—right where it belongs. As you learn how to confidently maintain your hair solution, you’ll no longer need to spend time and money on stylists to feel your very best.

Spirit to Serve

As your advocate, each member of our team—whether on the front lines or behind the scenes—is committed to delivering an excellent experience and minimizing the burden hair loss places on your life.


We are relentless in our pursuit to improve our products and services, bringing you the very best hair solutions. From our patent-pending HD Skin™ delivery system to our High Definition Hairline™, our products are unmatched in their ability to look natural right out of the box.


We provide you with the candid and honest communication you deserve throughout your journey, so you know we always have your back.


You are our “why”—the reason we exist. We are driven by a desire to see you embrace life with restored confidence, hope, and a renewed vigor for life.

Step behind the scenes

Our leadership team is made up of industry innovators who blaze new trails in hair solutions while working to ensure excellence in the details—even traveling to Asia on a regular basis to closely partner with multiple factories and innovate on your behalf.

Our licensed hair replacement consultants are committed to supporting you and helping you find the best hair loss solution for your condition and lifestyle. You’ll never hear them push a product, or prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, they’ll listen to you, guide you, and advocate for you as you explore your options and regain your confidence.

And the rest of our team — including operations/warehouse, accounting, IT and marketing, and more — is a savvy bunch of individuals who bring unique skill sets to the table to ensure you learn about new products to improve your hair-wearing experience, your account is up-to-date, your browsing experience is easy and free of troubles and your products ship on time. And much, much more.

Our everyday revolves around you. Get to know us.

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