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Hair loss can make you feel hopelessly out of control. To make matters worse, many hair loss solutions interfere with your lifestyle and plans for the future.

The HairDirect experience is different from the very beginning. We start by listening to your story so we can customize a hair replacement solution to meet your specific needs. By providing one-on-one support and education, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you take control of their hair loss on their own terms and move forward with their lives.

Every step of this journey is designed to put you in control. Your privacy is protected, as we handle every interaction — from phone calls to packaging — with discretion. Online hair system tracking allows you to know where your hair replacement system is throughout the production process. And our U.S. and EU warehouses ensure you receive your products and accessories as soon as possible — without paying for international shipping.

HairDirect's Response To Coronavirus

HairDirect's Response To Coronavirus

Please read HairDirect's response to the Coronavirus.


30-day guarantee with no binding contracts

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from licensed hair replacement consultants

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to save you tens of thousands of dollars over time

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Hair loss is an emotional journey. With a little help, you can blaze a new path towards restored hair, confidence, and control.

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What makes HairDirect different from other companies? Yes, we save you money and provide unmatched support, but it’s much more than that...

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Knowledge Is Power

DIY hair replacement requires you to be educated and invested, but the rewards are worth reaping. Browse the industry’s largest educational resource for answers to your questions.

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Welcome to the world’s largest online store for hair replacement accessories. We bring you the best deals on your favorite products. Try any product risk free with our 100% guarantee.

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For over 20 years, HairDirect has been a global provider of hair loss solutions. Our approach is simple: we give you back your confidence by supplying the tools needed to combat hair loss. From our at-home DIY approach to hair systems to a wide variety of products for all hair types, let’s find the right solution. We’re HairDirect and we’re with you

At HairDirect, we believe in our customers. We believe knowledge is power, that relationships mean more than profits, and that no two hair journeys are the same. And while we don’t believe that the hair makes the man—or woman!—we know it can make life a little easier. 

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Like Ramon millions of people experience hair loss. At HairDirect, we understand this is a personal journey and we’re with you at every step. Our hair systems help you regain your confidence to live the life you want. Start your journey today. Contact us.

  1. Walker Bond Breaker Shampoo, 10 ounces

    Walker Bond Breaker Shampoo, 10 ounces

    MSRP: $23.38 OUR PRICE $18.40 Saved $4.98
    $18.40 $23.38 21% Savings
  2. PPI Velvasil Leave-in Conditioner with Sunscreen, 8 ounces

    PPI Velvasil Leave-in Conditioner with Sunscreen, 8 ounces

    MSRP: $10.25 OUR PRICE $8.25 Saved $2.00
    $8.25 $10.25 20% Savings
  3. Wet-N-Wavy Tangle Free Leave-in Conditioner, 8 ounces

    Wet-N-Wavy Tangle Free Leave-in Conditioner, 8 ounces

    MSRP: $7.50 OUR PRICE $7.43 Saved $0.07
    $7.43 $7.50 0.93% Savings